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Friday, May 30, 2014

Stretch Upward to the Son

"The truth is that the Son of Man was revealed as Son of God in a more perfect and transcendent way once he had entered into his Father’s glory; he now began to be indescribably more present in his divinity to those from whom he was further removed in his humanity. A more mature faith enabled their minds to stretch upward to the Son in his equality with the Father; it no longer needed contact with Christ’s tangible body, in which as man he is inferior to the Father. For while his glorified body retained the same nature, the faith of those who believed in him was now summoned to heights where, as the Father’s equal, the only-begotten Son is reached not by physical handling but by spiritual discernment." From a sermon by Saint Leo the Great, pope
Time to begin the Pentecost Novena!  Spiritual discernment is something that I pray for always, and it is a good intention for this Novena.  This is the discernment to follow the direction of the Spirit, and not my own -- or the worlds.  The disordered desires that we all have very often convince us that our comfort and our personal honor are enough to guide us to make decisions that are right for us.  These decisions cannot draw out of us great love for others, but imprison us to lesser loves.

Let the words of Saint Leo inspire us all to stretch our minds upward, and order our desires on what will draw each one of us into the heights of the Father's love.

Peace and many graces to all of you!

Update:  Here is another site with a beautiful Pentecost Novena :  Discerning Hearts Pentecost Novena


  1. Heidi what a great intention for the novena, discernment. I started with three things I dreamed of only to realize after reading your post that they can all be tied up with discernment. Thank you

  2. Thanks Anabelle! I know what you mean, so many intentions came into my heart as well, but mostly we (I) just need to find our (my) way into His will!

  3. Also, I wanted to award you and your crew here the Catholic Writer's Award. You all deserve it. Your writings have blessed me. http://www.anabellehazard.blogspot.com/2014/06/bob-blog-takes-me-to-shrine.html

  4. We are very honored Annabelle! I have been very blessed by the wonderful Catholic blogging community. The graces from entering into this cyber world just keep flowing! God is good!


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